Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Custom Greenhouse

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Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Custom GreenhouseOne of the main benefits of having a greenhouse is that it allows you to have much more control over your plants and their environment. You can decide what temperature to maintain among other things. However, with a custom greenhouse, you can exercise even more control and achieve the indoor garden of your dreams.

There are many different choices you can make for your custom greenhouse to make it ideal for your purposes, but sometimes it’s difficult to see what the possibilities are without a little help. That’s why we are providing a list of four ways you can make the most of your custom greenhouse:

  1. Designate spaces for specific needs- When you get a custom greenhouse, that means you can get your builder to configure it to best fit your needs. If you want to set aside a specific place where you can propagate plants or start seeds, you can do that.
  2. Choose the dimensions- A custom greenhouse allows you to decide how small or large you want it to be. You can choose the exact dimensions instead of having to choose between only a few options.
  3. Add auto vents- You can add auto vents to your custom greenhouse that will open and close to let air in and out. This will help control the temperature and humidity and provide enough ventilation for your plants to replenish their carbon dioxide and stay healthy.
  4. Install Dutch doors- Dutch doors are a popular choice for greenhouses for a few reasons. One is that they look charming, but they are also useful. They allow you to keep the bottom of the doors closed to keep out animals, but you can leave the top open to improve ventilation.